Welcome to the Francis Road Community Page

Hello to all!

Welcome to our comfy, cosy community blog which we hope you will find informative and useful.

As you can see we have various pages now for you to browse and which we will endeavour to keep updated! 

Our new page ‘what’s the craic’ is for general information and gossip that we find out and which we think maybe of interest to you.  We have also now added summaries of the meetings we attend so that you can be up to date with issues in your local area.  If you would like to join us for any of the meetings we will be happy to call on you on our way up the road!

We hope you enjoy the blog and please do not hesitate to drop us a line if you need any neighbourly help or advice.

Firstly, a big THANK YOU to everyone for a great (and successful) Halloween celebration.  The trick or treat cards worked really well and the children knew not to knock on those doors.  We hope it was appreciated by both those who took part and those who did not.  We felt that it was really helpful in making the evening work for everyone.

We would also like to say that the children looked absolutely wonderful and were very polite and respectful to their very generous benefactors!

Neighbours were really generous and we hope that we can repeat it all next year and maybe there will be some new recruits who were considered a little bit too small to join this year!

We hope you enjoyed our end of evening game – this is our first year of organising this event so we were not sure how many children would come, their ages, and what would be suitable -( which is why we picked a game that involved a lot of running around that seems to appeal to all ages!). 

 Suggestions or comments about how we could make the evening better, what you feel worked or did not work, are always welcome.  Feedback is always helpful!

We will be updating the blog after the next forum meeting (4th December) and police tasking meeting (24th November) –

Thank you also,  to those who spoke to Mandy and the police about being part of Neighbourhood Watch.  Although it does not particularly ask anything of you it is good to know that Francis Road has a strong community spirit!

On the subject of  community we would like to say that the ‘issues’ with the road i.e. dog fouling and unhygenic littering, which residents have mentioned to us, has been flagged up to environmental health and our ward officer.  We are still waiting for a reply and action.  In the meantime, we are looking to put up our own posters about it but the dog mess has very suddenly become a real  problem –

Changing the subject completely… if you are looking for somewhere to go on firework night (Thursday 5th November) check out our local events page where you can find a link to the Hall Green dog stadium who are having a bit of a do!

Finally, just a reminder that the police are looking to get out in the community and speak with people at their own homes as they are aware that many people, even if they have issues, may not come to the public meetings.  To this end the police may come round just for a friendly call in the next few weeks as we know they are making the rounds in Acocks Green.

Kind Regards and…..

keeeeeeeeeep twitchin’!

Mandy (91) and Rebecca (73)

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